Join the Lab

We have opportunites for Undergraduates, Graduate Students, and Postdocs.

Opportunities for Undergraduates

Opportunities are often available for motivated undergraduates who have a genuine interest in evolutionary biology, ecology, or developmental biology. 

I am especially interested in students planning to participate in the Biology Honors Program.  Interested undergraduates should contact me by email (dpfennig [at] unc [dot] edu).

Opportunities for Postdocs

If you’re interested in pursuing postdoctoral opportunities in my lab, please contact me by email (dpfennig [at] unc [dot] edu).  

Please include a copy of your CV, along with a description of the general topics that you’d like to pursue.  If there’s a good match between our interests, I’d be happy to explore some possible funding opportunities.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

There are a variety of opportunities for prospective graduate students, particularly those with an interest in the research questions outlined on my Research page 

UNC Biology is a great place to conduct graduate work: we have a dynamic, interactive, and collegial group of faculty interested in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, there are two other strong universities nearby (Duke, 8 miles from UNC, and NCSU, 20 miles from UNC), and Chapel Hill is a great place to live.

For information about my approach toward training and mentoring my graduate students, please read this Letter to Graduate Applicants.


If you’re interested in conducting graduate work in my lab, please contact me by email (dpfennig [at] unc [dot] edu).  

Please include in your letter:

Information on the Biology department’s graduate program (including information on how to apply) can be found here.  

Please note that the Biology department only considers prospective Ph.D. students (not terminal Master’s students) for admission.