Lab Members

Current and Alumni

David Pfennig

Professor, Department of Biology

The Spadefoot Squad!

Graduate Students

Nick Levis

M.S. Kentucky U.

“Plasticity first evolution in nature”

Pat Kelly

B.A. Cornell College

“Sexual selection and phenotypic plasticity”

co-advised with Dr. Karin Pfennig

Emily Harmon

B.S. William & Mary

Andrew Isdaner

B.S. University of Chicago


Chris Akcali

Ph.D. 2019

“Evolution of precise versus imprecise mimicry”

Sofia de la Serna Buzon

Ph.D. 2019 (co-advised with Dr. Dr. Karin Pfennig)

“Carry over effects of resource polymorphism”

Paul Durst

SPIRE Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2017

Princeton U.

Lisa Bono

Ph.D. 2015 (co-advised with Dr. Christina Burch)

“Competition and the evolution of novel resource use in viruses”

postdoc at NYU

Bradley Allf

Undergraduate Honors Thesis  2015

“Evolution of the rattlesnake rattle”

graduate student at NC State Univ

Georgia Titcombe

Undergraduate Honors Thesis  2014

“Flicker-fusion as a defensive strategy in snakes”

Ph.D. student at UC-Santa Barbara

David Kikuchi

Ph.D. 2013

“Mechanisms of adaptation in coral snake mimicry”

PERT postdoc at U. of Arizona

Prof. Beren Robinson

Sabbatical Visitor 2012-2013

“Evolution of morph-specific genes in spadefoot toad tadpoles”

professor at U. of Guelph

Jeff Paull

M.S. 2012

“Competition as a cost of resource specialization”

Aquatic Scientist at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Aaron Leichty

M.S. 2011

“Evolution of morph-specific genes in spadefoot toad tadpoles”

formerly a Ph.D. student at U. of Pennsylvania

Cris Ledon-Rettig

Ph.D. 2010

“Phenotypic plasticity’s role in the origins and diversification of feeding strategies in spadefoot toad larvae”

research assistant professor at Indiana U.

Ryan Martin

Ph.D. 2010

“Evolution of resource polymorphism”

Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve U.

Amber Rice

Ph.D. 2008

“Population genetic and phylogenetic studies of character displacement in spadefoot toads”

ASSOCIATE professor at Lehigh University

Matt McGee

Undergraduate Honors Thesis 2004-2007

formerly a PhD student at UC Davis

George Harper

Ph.D. 2006

“Evolution of a snake mimicry complex”

associate professor at Hendrix College

Allison Welch

Postdoc 2000-2004

associate professor at the College of Charleston

Tony Frankino

Postdoc 2000-2001

associate professor at U. of Houston

William Harcombe

Undergraduate Honors Thesis 1998-2001

assistant professor at U. of Minnesota

Mike Loeb

Ph.D. 2001

“Evolution of egg dumping in an insect”

Currently a science writer

M.S. 1997

“Proximate causes of cannibalistic polyphenism in larval tiger salamanders”